Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging from Breckenridge

We made it to our family vacation in Breckenridge. We've only been here over a day but it feels like a week already! We're enjoying the nice cool weather, mountain sites, and time with family.

Today we went on the Alpine Slide. I think everyone had fun except a few who had skinned knees. Abigail seemed to enjoy herself. She sat very still and close to her dad on the ski lift but said she wasn't scared. :)

At some point I will try to back up and recap my grandpa's funeral in Kansas. I will say that it was very nice. It was great to see lots of people that I haven't seen for years.

Tomorrow consists of most of our group going white water rafting. With two small children, we're opting out this time. Andrew is still going but my mother-in-law and I are taking the girls to a children's museum.

All for now . . .

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