Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Adventure

I am on a new adventure in my house this week. . . cooking for a large family.

I am acquainted with a large family in the area (through my in-laws) who run an adoption ministry and have adopted many children themselves.

They are currently in the process of adopting another boy from China so while the parents are away, several friends take turns cooking a meal for the family.

My choice . . . beef enchiladas!

I made 9 cups of enchilada sauce this morning and let me tell you, if my family grows that large (sorry y'all - not planning on it), I'd have to buy new pans! Mine are much too small.

But seriously . . . this is fun!


Susan said...

Can you imagine cooking like that 3 meals a day, 365 days a year? I can't...

Jaime said...

I cannot imagine. At least she has a clean-up crew!

Jennifer said...

It's tiring, that's for sure! I had to make an adjustment when we got married to only cooking for the two of us (not to mention that Aaron hates leftovers) and then we got "foster" kids (college) and I felt right at home cooking for 10 of us!