Thursday, May 13, 2010

What having children does . . .

I'm not sure that I have gone into detail on my blog what a shock it was to me to have my first child. Our lives CHANGED! It is quite astonishing to me that they changed so much because we didn't live a radical lifestyle before she was born (no partying - ha - makes me laugh just to think, very little excessive spending or traveling, etc).

Now I know what happened. A spotlight was turned on by God himself! This spotlight shown deep down into my soul, into the parts of me that I prefer to hide. The parts that are ugly, selfish, greedy, etc. This child was given to us for a purpose (many of them) but challenging my selfishness was purpose #1.

Sorry for those of you that were close enough to witness those first brutal weeks when I couldn't do what I wanted, when I wanted anymore. My husband took the brunt of it and I thank him for his calm patience with me. I would have smacked myself! Getting over ourselves is a painful and not-so-very-fun process.

Anyway, I have always realized that this is what happened but have never found a great article to describe it until I read this blog today. Please read it if you have time. It is amazing and awesome and exactly what I've been thinking for 2 years and 4 months (since our darling was born).

By the way, the lady who wrote this (I believe) has 9 children. I've read her blog for a while and so I'm not 100% sure of that number. Anyway, read it . . . comment if you'd like.

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I commented on that ladies blog. :)