Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Abigail "isms"

My sweet (sick) daughter is just beginning to really talk and come up with things on her own. I had quite a stellar parenting moment this morning. We were eating a lovely breakfast with my sister before we left Chicago. I was attempting to get Abigail to take some dramamine before hitting the road but she knows what it is and how bad it tastes.

So, being the wonderful mother that I am, I just shoved it into her mouth. Not the best idea - in hindsight - but live and learn, right?!

Anyway, she chokes, gags, and screams in a restaurant full of people. Bad mother moment.

Anyway . . .

As she is gagging on this bad tasting pill she yells out in a very loud voice (while crying):

"I need a bucket."

Meaning, she needed a bucket to throw-up in. Ha!

I have been laughing at this all day. She didn't end up throwing up but it's funny that she knows she needs a bucket to throw up in and her dramatics are still making me laugh!

Anyway, lesson learned. Do not torture your daughter in public by shoving dramamine in her mouth - wait to do that in private - ha ha!


Anonymous said...

Dad got quite the chuckle out of your story, and I had to smile, too. You'll have to disguise the pill somehow next time. I'm not sure you can reason with her yet.

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

No, doubtful that reason will work. I'm not sure how I could disguise it though! She is becoming quite a little drama queen and so talkative! I'm going to need to start writing down her little sayings.