Saturday, May 29, 2010

Official Productivity List

This is for my husband . . . my accomplishments for the day (so far).

Returned movie to blockbuster
Got gas
Went to bank
Shopped at Target
Shopped at Whole Foods
Got lunch
Mowed 1/2 of yard
Cleaned out van (a big job!)
Vacuumed Van
Washed Van
Got more gas for mower
Put baby to sleep
Mowed 2nd half of yard
Watered garden (in progress - wow, getting the hose out there was a CHORE!)
Watered Plants
Cleaned up Kitchen

Now I'm blogging! :)

I'm getting ready to fix dinner for me and Elsie (who is still asleep). Then I'll probably take it easy. I might work on the dog fence or cleaning a little but will probably pop in a movie.

I miss my girlie and my Andrew!

I also got a little sun today. I hope it's not a burn. I'm not a fan of sunburns!

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Jaime said...

Forgot that I planted the blueberry bushes.