Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicago Trip Part 2

On Tuesday we drove downtown to pick up my mother-in-law, who graciously took the bus up to Chicago in order to save me the torture of attempting to drive the girls home by myself. I am in her debt forever for doing this. Seriously! Saved me!

Anyway, after we picked her up, we headed to the American Girl Store. Abigail had a blast looking at all the dolls, playing, and seeing her "baby" there in the store. She threw a few little tantrums in there when we tried to help her push our big stroller around the store.

Again . . . anyway, here is a sweet picture of her making a friend!

Elsie is waiting patiently in her seat for her big sister to be done looking at dolls. Elsie will be able to enjoy this herself one day!

Busy pushing babies around in the wagon and stroller!

After we finished at the American Girl Store, we met Daddy (who was downtown at a conference - did I say that?) at the Rainforest Cafe. Abigail enjoyed seeing all the "animals" and didn't act scared of any of them until the end.
At the end of the meal, we suddenly discovered how wet she was. Her diaper had leaked all over her shorts and in her booster seat so she had to go pantless in downtown Chicago for a while because her bum mom forgot to bring a change of clothes. Oh well!
Here is our family outside the Rainforest Cafe after eating.

Abigail did score some goodies at the American Girl store. Both she and her doll got matching ballerina outfits. Abigail LOVES hers and spends hours a day dancing around in it!

Our trip concluded on Wednesday morning with a lovely breakfast with my sister before heading home. I was pretty impressed that we only stopped one time on the way home - at the cow palace in Shelbyville for lunch and a bite of ice cream. The trip was also very uneventful! I'm so thankful!
Again, I want to say publicly how thankful I am to my mother-in-law for coming to Chicago and saving me from driving home alone. We would have made it but it wouldn't have been so pleasant! Thank you!!


Schenk Family said...

love all the pictures. I've always wanted to go to American Girl maybe I will have to add it to our list.

Susan said...

You are so welcome, Jaime. It was truly a pleasure and I hope we can travel again soon!

Jaime said...

Candace - I do think Gracie would like it. She probably would get more out of it in a year from now. Of course, my daughter has been conditioned to like American Girl Dolls from the very start. Many aunts, uncle, and grandmas have looked at the catalogs with her since she was very small!