Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Abigail got out of the hospital yesterday around 2 pm and promptly took a nap when she got here. Poor girl has really been missing some sleep lately.

She still has very little appetite but slept through the night last night without needing one of us so I hope that's a good sign. It's 8:10 am and she's still asleep.

She vomited when we got home last night (orange kefir on an empty stomach doesn't sit well, I guess) so pray that she'll feel like eating soon. We managed to get another dose of her antibiotic in her and she kept that down all night.

Another concern is that Andrew is now sick. I'm not sure how he is feeling this morning. I ended up sleeping in Elsie's room because he was snoring and coughing. I still didn't sleep very well . . . thinking about my babies and if they might need me. I'm just hoping and praying that he has what they have . . . or that he will be very cautious and not pass along any new germs to the girls . . . heaven help us!

Abigail's final diagnosis was that she does have pneumonia. The doctor was not certain if it was viral or bacterial so she is on an antibiotic just to be sure. I guess a good test will be how she is feeling and what her temperature is this morning. If she is much improved after being on the antibiotic for 24 hours, I'd tend to think it was bacteria pneumonia . . . but I'm no doctor.

Poor girl has had a fever between 100 and 104 since Friday (except for when she was drugged) so I'm praying for some relief for her there.

I have more thoughts but they need time to be thought out and written out and Elsie is awake so I'd best run.

Today is a new day!

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