Monday, March 15, 2010

Long and Short of It

Brief overview of our weekend (ish):

Friday: Kids not too bad. Abigail played some and wanted to be outside. Started running the fever.

Saturday: Kids worse. Elsie so congested I tortured her by squirting "Little Noses" up her nose and sucking it out. No fever for her. Abigail not feeling good. Only wanted to sit on my lap. Temp between 100 and 104. Trip to doctor. Gave us a prescription but wanted us to wait a few days to see if it cleared up on its own. (It was Daddy's first trip to the doctor with the kids . . . ever! Amazing!)

Sunday: Kids better. Elsie's nose . . . better. Abigail running around and playing. Wanting to play lots of hide and seek. Did have a tummy ache that made her scream and cry in the afternoon but finally got her to eat peaches and prunes. Went to bed.

Sunday night: The worst night in my parenting experience. I believe I got out of bed to help Abigail 7x but I'm not sure about that - Andrew attended to her twice. She'd cough, sit up, and start crying "mommy mommy". This lasted hours! We'd go into her room and she'd say "eat food" (then wouldn't eat) or she'd say "nap" meaning she wanted to get back in bed. Oh, and I got up with a stuffy nosed Elsie 3x as well.

Monday: Kids worse. Abigail's temp is up again and her cough is dreadful. Elsie's nose is stuffed and running (no fever - thank goodness).

My heart breaks. I wish I could help Abigail (she cries and looks at me like I can). I had to force feed her some toast (she'd eat it but just cry with every bite) so her tummy didn't hurt so much. The only thing she'll eat with any acceptance is peaches. WE'RE ALMOST OUT!!!

to be continued . . .

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