Monday, March 22, 2010

Internet Fasting and Food

Well, my morning of computer fasting was a little harder than I thought! I was tempted much more than I had expected but nap time is here and I survived! :)

Elsie is starting to get into a good 2-a-day napping rhythm - which is nice - because I can usually hold off on her 2nd nap until Abigail falls asleep at 1 pm. Then it get quiet around here! :)

Abigail is starting to fight the nap. She always takes one but now doesn't want to be put into her crib. She is so aware of things at this stage. I'm amazed at what she picks up on.

This morning she went to the basement door and was looking for her daddy (his office is downstairs). She came back into the living room where I was feeding Elsie and said "No dada downstairs. Dada at work." I was impressed by her knowledge of his whereabouts! :)

In other news, Abigail appetite has really returned! She ate a whole sloppy joe sandwich for lunch, 2 or 3 carrot sticks, a plum tomato, and a fruit bar. My newest food venture with her is to try to get her to regularly eat raw foods. She does well with fruit but I have sort of slacked off on the vegetables - always cooking them for her. She will willingly eat some cauliflower, carrot sticks (thinly sliced) and gobbled up the tomato today.

This makes me excited to plant my garden!

I'm going to try to give her some at every meal, so it just becomes a habit. Of course when they're on the table then I eat some too!

The girls in matching dresses from Aunt Jenny. We had to get this picture taken because the dress is getting a bit short on Abigail. She's a tall girl!

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