Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Radical Idea

I waste a lot of my time on the internet . . . blogging . . . reading blogs. . . email . . . Facebook. You get it, right?!

I also spend a lot of my time wondering why my house isn't clean . . . why I haven't read my Bible today . . . why I can let a day go by without reading to my kids.

Time online isn't bad but it is when it takes away from human interaction. So my challenge is just for tomorrow.

I'm only going to let myself get online during nap time. That still gives me a good long while to play around (my one exception is to fill out a diaper survey, which I have to do before noon - we're neck deep in diaper trials around here).

I wonder what I will get accomplished around here.

Now it's time to put my girls to bed. We all just finished exercising together (well, Abigail and I did - Elsie watched - Andrew worked in his office).


Abby said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I think I will join you in this radical idea. :)

Anonymous said...

You let a day go by without reading to your kids?? I can't believe it. :)

Actually, I understand your problem. I got a lot more done when you were here because I wasn't on the computer.

Love, Mom

Jaime said...

Not technically. I ALWAYS read at bedtime and usually at naptime. I'm talking about during the day when I'm home with them.

ginabnina said...

I gave up Farmville for Lent. It wasn't difficult at all, but I'm amazed by how much time I have back. (And I'm also a bit upset at myself for foolishly wasting so much time!)