Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Abigail Update

Well, yesterday Abigail got to feeling terrible. She would just cry and sit on my lap. I noticed that her breathing was shallow and fast (panting - sort of) so I called her doctor who said to start her on antibiotics. He said to call back after her nap. Well, her nap only lasted a very brief time so I called him back a few hours after that. He encouraged us to take her to the ER just to have her checked out and possibly get a breathing treatment.

We got to the ER around 5 pm. The first thing they medical staff noticed was that her oxygen saturation levels were low, around 88 or 89. It sounded an "alarm" sort of thing in our room! Yikes! Anyway, they came in and put oxygen on my poor girl. She HATES that thing in her nose.

Oh and her temp was 104 when we arrived. Here she is. . .

They gave her Motrin, which took the fever down to 102 and then Tylenol which took it down to normal. They gave her a chest x-ray (she said she had fun having her "picture" taken) which they originally diagnosed her with pneumonia and later said it was an viral infection instead of a bacterial infection (so no antibiotics were given). They did find that her left ear was starting to be infected so they gave her a one-dose antibiotic last night for that.

They ended up admitting her to the hospital because of her oxygen levels. Andrew stayed with her because I had to be with Elsie to feed her. I got a nice sized bottle pumped, however, so I'm probably going to go back in a little while to see how things are going.

Andrew said this morning "there are some stats that are not where they want them to be". . . let me interpret for you. This means that her oxygen levels aren't quite normal but he thinks she ought to come home. :)

I'll try to update later. Here is a picture of our poor girl after some fever reducers are in her body and after her iv. She was a champ! When they put it in all she did was look at me and say "mommy?". No crying or even flinching.


Schenk Family said...

I am sad just looking at her, poor thing, so hard for a parent to watch them like this. We will keep her in our prayers, keep us updated!

Jaime said...