Friday, March 12, 2010


Just call us the "bicks" household (Abigail's name for Vicks). We've been hit by the cough and cold . . . well just the girls so far. Abigail just has a nasty cough and fever. I tell ya . . . I'd rather deal with runny nose stuff than coughs. That really keeps her up at night.

Elsie has lots of nasal congestion but doesn't seem to have a fever at this point. The most exciting news is that in the midst of all this sickness . . . Elsie slept through the night last night (technically).

I put her down at 8 pm and was still up to see her restlessly moving around her crib at 10:30 pm so I went in and fed her. I put her in her bouncy seat so she could breathe easier and she slept until I woke her up at 6:30 am! I couldn't believe it. Then she slept in her swing until 9:30 am. Wow!

So, I know she can do it.

Unfortunately, I did not sleep well. Abigail had a coughing fit in bed about once and hour until about 4 am. Then she slept soundly until about 8 am and finally woke at 9 am. Poor girl . . . must be exhausted from the coughing. I went down to help her cough once and Andrew went down once to help her cough.

The reason we were still up at 10:30 pm at night (we go to bed early!!) was because we're hooked on watching Lost. We just started season 1 and we watched 3 episodes last night. Crazy! I didn't want to watch the 3rd because I knew we'd probably not get much sleep so I told Andrew I would watch it if he got up with Abigail at night. He agreed. I was already awake and restless (from waiting on Elsie to wake up) at 3:30 am so I took the nighttime shift with Abigail anyway.

Okay, sorry this is so boring. I always promise to improve my content but never do! If the girls' health improves this weekend, perhaps I'll have a chance to do another picture post from the Kansas trip!

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