Monday, July 13, 2009

Wild Weekend

Sorry, no pictures so I will try to make this short and sweet. I tried to download some videos from our "new" camera but the card reader wouldn't work. Hmm.

Anyway . . .

  • Friday: Abigail and I had a lovely playdate with some friends from our birth class. I guess you could say they are friends since fetuses! We realized we live so close together so we had a play date and it was fun!
  • Friday Afternoon: We had AC repair guys at our house from 11 am until 4 pm so we didn't go anywhere. Andrew's aunt came over (who is visiting) came over and played for a while.
  • Friday Evening: Andrew's cousin and sister babysat (thanks guys) so we could go to a young marries gathering. It was a blast. We watched a movie outside after the rain cleared up, although none of the ladies lasted through the movie. We were all sitting inside and talking!
  • Saturday: I went to a Pampered Chef party at lunch. It was so much fun. Yummy food (of course, it was at Lisa's house) and good friends.
  • Then I went to return our non-working video camera. I didn't have the receipt so I wasn't sure what to expect. They only had one left in the store and it was a returned item that checked out fine, so I said that I would take it. We got a $34 refund and a camera that works. Yeh!
  • I made supper for all of us and Andrew's dad on Saturday night (my MIL is out-of-town) and we had a good time.
  • Quiet evening . . . thankfully!
  • Sunday: We did the usual church thing. The only thing new was that Abigail moved up to the next Sunday school class. :( So sad. My baby is growing up. They get a snack in there so I had to go in and read the labels to make sure she wasn't getting anything with peanuts or made on machinery with peanuts. We figured out she could have Goldfish Crackers (not something I would EVER give my child at home but I figured an occasional snack would be ok). She cried like usual but was fine overall.
  • Sunday lunch: We ate out at Olive Garden (yum) with Andrew's dad. Abigail was good until the very end when she was bored of sitting and ready to get down. Oh, the biggest news was that she ate an Olive Garden breadstick and almost instantly got some hives around her mouth area. I felt so bad for her. I took the rest away (secretly!) and the hives went away in about 20 minutes. One on her lip was pretty bad though. Looked like a blister. I guess it could have been in contact with peanuts. I certainly hope she's not extremely allergic to more things!
  • The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. I mowed and picked some things from my garden (4 cucumbers, 8 hot peppers, and a carrot that wasn't ready to be picked yet!). If you live in the area and need some peppers, please let me know. I have WAY too many!
We are leaving for a little vacation on Wednesday and will be returning Sunday. We are making the 8 hour drive to Michigan (where the rest of Andrew's family is). It seems like such a long drive for such a short time but I know we'll have fun. Andrew's dad is riding up with us so we'll have more help with Abigail. Yeah! Wayne doesn't know how lucky he is to ride in the car with all the good snacks. I have all sorts of things planned! :)


Anonymous said...

what kind of snacks? all I have is fruit, cheese and pretzels...and Ron bought dark chocolate peanut M and M's...

Jaime said...

I'm not sure I can remember everything but here is a sample:

Hummus and Crackers
Peach Chunks
365 Sodas (natural)
Gallon of Peach Tea (in a nonspill container with a nossle)
Fig Newtons
Kettle Chips

P.S. I really can't stand fast food and I wouldn't feed it to my kid so I like to make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks for the trip so we don't have to eat out!

Jaime said...

Oops . . . Nozzle (it's the sun tea kind of container with a spout).