Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our 4th Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. Andrew and I were able to slip away on Friday and see a movie together (thanks Anne!) and then on Saturday we had a wonderful day filled with a parade, picnic, and party at Andrew's sister's apartment. I headed home early from that due to Abigail's extreme tiredness! :) I got to see a few fireworks in my own neighborhood, so that was fine with me.

Here is a picture of our little fire cracker on the 4th.

I took this picture of her at the parade. She liked it for the most part, except for the loud sirens. The parade started out with a bang by having the fire trucks and ambulance have to leave and make an actual call. I think it was those initial sirens that scared her.

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Jaime said...

P.S. 90% of the pictures and video on this blog are taken with my phone. Not bad, huh? Andrew constantly forgets his camera and takes only artsy shots anyway and our video camera is broken. Grr!