Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Warning: Whining Ahead

I realize that the majority of you reading this blog already know what I'm about to post. Kids, babies, children (your own anyway) are the most amazing blessing you will ever receive but at the same time can be the biggest challenge you will ever face as well.

Exhibit A:

Abigail simply cannot stand it if I'm in the kitchen. I have my own psychological theory about this (although I'm not a psychologist). I think that she is just starved for some mommy time and I usually make dinner right when I get home from work. It doesn't take me long and it isn't anything fancy but if she won't let me cook, what will we eat?! She's hungry too (believe me!).

I intentionally sit with her and feed her supper, and have lots of quality reading and play time after supper. I also give her a bath, read lots of books, rocking, and prayer time before bed but it's still not enough. Oh how I miss being with my baby girl (most of the time).


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I'm with Warren all day long and he still does that around dinner time. I don't know what it is! The knowledge that Daddy will be home soon, being hungry for dinner... just being a little whiner... LOL I think its just dinner, I'm sure she gets plenty of mommy time! Don't feel bad!

Jaime said...

Yes, I know that supper time is a touchy time of day but she gets cranky whenever I go in the kitchen. I heard about these stay-at-home mom's who bake (seriously, bake!) and I wonder how it is done!

We're working on the mommy time thing. A lot of times, it gets interrupted by something!

girlymama said...

i'm with my little guy all day and he freaks out at dinner time as well.
i think its just hunger, the general chaos of the dinner hour and the fact that he knows i'm doing something with food, but he can't have any.
now i just give him a little snack and pull his high chair next to where i'm working, which works sometimes.
some nights, there's just nothing you can do, though!

Jaime said...

The high chair does work for us sometimes. She seems to like being "contained" a little bit. She needs food in the high chair or crayons and paper or she goes a little bit crazy!

Tonight was great since my husband made supper. I just played and read to the girl, no crying! :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is probably easier said than done, but do your best to ignore "negative" behaviors and reinforce (pay attention to) positive behaviors. Abigail has learned that whining will get her more attention than being good. When she is being quiet, she probably doesn't get as much attention. Just a thought. She could also get a reward when she sits quietly--like a little snack.

Advice from a non-mother :)