Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Final Day!

It's my final day at work before our short vacation. I'm already dreading coming back next Monday (not that I don't like my job, I do. I just don't like being away from my girl). She screamed and cried when I left her this morning. She's been shuttled around so much this past week and is out of her routine. Poor girl.

In other news, my frustration level is about to hit the roof. I wish people would listen. Seriously, let me finish a sentence. Really. Grr!! Ok, I'm done ranting now. If you want more information, ask me privately! Ha ha!

I still have much packing to do. It's mainly food. I have things to not only bring for the journey but for when we get up there as well. I've been being extra cautious with Abigail's food intake because of some allergic reactions she has been having lately. So, I'm bringing most of her food. Hopefully this will help! Abigail is packed and I'm almost packed.

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