Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend and Yearly Recap

We had a great time in Romeoville. It was fun to hang out with Jenny, Luke, and Alex. My sister treated me to a glorious facial on Saturday and then Luke treated us to a dinner out at Mongolian Barbeque that night. We had never been there before. It was a fun experience!

Sunday was my birthday. It was strange. I almost forgot that it was my birthday as I lay in bed at 6:30 am. It was a mean ploy, I guess, to wait and see how long it took my husband to say "Happy Birthday" to me after he woke up. For the record, it took him a while. And, he was logged into Facebook at the time, and ended up telling me who had written on my wall, so I'm not completely sure that he hadn't forgotten and was just reminded by Facebook. Interesting. Apparently he has something up his sleeve for this weekend because he told me to keep Saturday free from obligation.

Of course, he has plenty of time to redeem himself. If you didn't know, May is celebrate Jaime month. Ha ha! :) Just kidding. It just feels like it with my birthday, mother's day, and our anniversary.

Speaking of mother's day, I'm feeling the pressure. What to do, what to do?! I have a father's day gift already for Andrew (for June) but nothing planned for this weekend. I must think fast!


In other updates: It has been a whole year since I began my "clothing fast". The rules included not buying any new clothes for myself (used were acceptable), except if the clothes were purchased by someone else or using someone else's money (gift). Here's what happened:

  • Early on I bought a few things from consignment stores. Shopping there is difficult however, because you can find something you like but if it isn't in your size you can't just go back to the rack and get a different size. I don't think I got anything from there after July.
  • In July, I was in desperate need of a few shirts. My other ones were old, ratty, and stained. My husband came to the rescue and gave me a "gift" of two new shirts from Kohls. I don't think the price totaled over $20 for both shirts. This was sort-of cheating but he came with me to pick it all out, so that made it legitimate! I tried to find them in rush this morning and couldn't. Hmm, where could they be?
  • In January, I spent about $150 on clothes using my gift money from Christmas. This $150 included children's clothing as well.
  • In April I became very frustrated that I didn't have anything to wear for Easter. So, I completely, 100% cheated and bought myself an Easter dress. No gift or anything. It was 1/2 price but I still paid about $30 for this. Oops.
And now my year of clothes-fasting is over. I will still probably adopt a similar lifestyle, although having very little clothing to choose from is getting tough. My husband has done a very similar thing, although not on purpose and his wardrobe needs refreshing as well. We have about $30 a month in the budget for clothes but RARELY spend that, so it has accumlately to the point where I could buy a few things for him.

I plan to purchase some clothes (for me and Abigail) with my birthday money, but they will only last me for the next seven months or so (more on this later). :)

That's all for now. Sorry that this got long on me! I'll try to post some videos from our trip later!


Melanie said...

HOpe you had a great birthday. Your time in Chicago sounded nice! It was interesting to read about your clothing fast. We have about $25 in our budget for clothes and it can go fast even when saved up when buying shoes and clothes for 2 people (and we rarely buy clothes too!) This past winter, I went "shopping" in Jodi's closet for new work clothes. She doesn't wear many of them right now so I took them--it was a great way to extend the wardrobe and have something different to wear. K, just wanted to say "hey" that I can relate with small clothes budgets and needing some new things periodically :)

Jennifer said...

You don't have to plany ANYTHING for Mother's day! That's the whole point of the day:)

Jaime said...

Melanie, I have heard of clothes swapping with friends. That sounds like a great idea!

Jenn, yes but I still have a mother and since I'm a good wife, a mother-in-law to make the day memorable for. What to do, what to do?! I'm really starting to actually feel the stress!

Laura said...

I never know what to do for Mother's Day! I usually end up sending cards and flowers to the "mothers" in my life. But I feel like that gets a bit old and predictable after a while. I wish I was creative...

Jennifer said...

I forgot that you live close to your mother-in-law! We're spending the weekend with my brother's family and my parents and us women decided the men were going to be in charge of dinner on Sunday! :) I'm terrible about sending cards to my mom and MIL. A good gift idea that's not too expensive is a "grandma" necklace. We got my mom one a couple years ago. You buy the girl/boy "charm" with the birthstone for all the grandkids she has. So we each got her our kid(s)' charms and split the cost of the necklace. She really likes it. Which reminds me that we need to "update" it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely do not want you to buy anything for me for mother's day unless it's a card. I already know you appreciate me. A phone call will be plenty good enough.

But what should I do for Grandma? :)

Love, Mom

Susan said...

I have been thinking a lot lately about Mother's Day and had already come to the conclusion that only the kids are responsible for their mothers! That means that if you do something nice for me, the credit goes to you, not to Andrew. Please don't feel responsible to do anything on his behalf! Plus, I am still getting a lot of enjoyment from the wonderful book you made for me last year. Those pictures bring much pleasure...

Jaime said...

Susan, Andrew and I are working together this year. I think it is only fair to warn you that you'd probably get for Mother's Day what I got for my birthday if I left Andrew to his own devices: NOTHING!! Then you'd be sad and nobody wants that! :)

Mom you are funny. Yes, I do have grandmothers to think of as well!

Andrew said...

Gifts and special moments are much more valuable when they are rare. Ask any collector.

Jaime said...

Oops, I meant to write "yet" on my last comment. You haven't given me a gift YET. Isn't that right, dear?