Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun and Not-So-Fun

It's amazing how life can bring such joy one minute and such annoyance another minute later.

Here is the joy:

Abigail enjoying "Hemmie's Korean Chicken" made by her Grandma Susan last night.

She loved it! Her belly was so full and stuck out so much when she was taking a bath that I thought her belly button might pop out! :) Ha!

And the annoyance is some not-very-fun things going on with our rental home in Kansas. We've been trying to sell it for six + months now but there haven't been any bites. Now we're having renter trouble. Andrew doesn't like it when I inject ANY emotion into our business dealings but I just have to say that it is frustrating. It's mainly frustrating because we live so far away. I am SO thankful that my family is close by and has been so gracious and helpful to us throughout this whole process. Hopefully it will be over soon and we can get renters that actually pay and communicate with us.

It's weird. We've never had any trouble like this before.

Allergies: I mowed last night and when I was finished, I couldn't breathe through my nose. Yuck! I've been doing my usual treatment - a shower before bed to wash the allergens out of my hair, a fresh pillow case, and nasal cleansing but it's not cutting it!

It is mainly the sinus headaches, which can be quite intense, that get to me. I have written out a plan to completely (in my opinion) clean my house before we leave for Kansas and I don't want anything (headaches) to get in my way! Ha!

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

No wonder Abigail ate so much--she's using a huge spoon for a little girl! :)


Jaime said...

Yes, she was eating with the serving spoon. Just like Daddy! :)

Actually, she could handle the big spoon much easier than the little one and actually scoop some food on it.

Laura said...

I saw Susan's video on Facebook. So cute!