Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time Crunch!

We've entered the time crunch before vacation. See, the thing is Andrew has to be at a business meeting at 7:15 am tomorrow morning. It's about a 20 minute drive from here so Abigail and I are planning to go with him and hang out so we can leave from there instead of having him waste time by driving back up here. We'll need to leave by 6:30 am. So, we don't have much time left! I have also been looking into getting a rental van for our trip since our car gets so cramped with three people. No luck! They are either not available (nobody rents minivans?) or it's just too expensive to justify the cost. So, I guess we'll be cheap and cramped. Oh well.

I got two rows planted in the garden last night. I didn't start until 8:00 pm because Andrew was mowing before that and Abigail wasn't asleep yet. I don't like leaving the house empty while she's in bed. Andrew, on the other hand, talks (although I hope he wouldn't ever do this) about going grocery shopping while she is down for a nap. Yikes! Anyway, I'm getting off subject.

I planted tomatoes, peppers, corn, and cucumbers. I think I need to move the cucumbers. I planted them far apart but I don't think I gave them enough room to vine out so I will probably move them to the other end of the garden.

I still have onions, carrots, sugar snap peas, and bit more corn to plant. I think that's it.

I also bought some marigolds (thanks for the tip Susan) and am planting those on the ends. I think I may have bought too many, however. Oh well.

Abigail seems to be ok. I'm just not sure she's fully recovered yet. She still had a very low grade fever yesterday 99.1 or so then it dropped below normal after her nap. I was excited. I took it right before bed and it was 99.5. Argh! Normal this morning, so we'll see.

Here is a video of Abigail putting on my shoes.


Jaime said...

Yeah, sorry. The video is long and boring. It's a long story but I couldn't really tell which video I was uploading so I just guessed!

Jennifer said...

I got my garden planted on Sunday. I'm so excited! I wish I had fresh veggies NOW:) Did you get plants for everything (that you could)? I forgot to get pepper plants last year and it took until the end of the season and only one seed came up. I didn't give my tomatoes, cucumber, and zuchinni plants enough room last year. I was SHOCKED at how big they all got. It's hard to visualize how big they'll get and how much room you need when you plant tiny plants or seeds! :) Hope you have a good trip! Minivans are GREAT:D I've never regretted buying ours.

ginabnina said...

Instead of moving the cucumber plants, consider using trellises or cages like what you'd use for tomato plants. The cucumber plants will climb, and it makes the veggies much easier to pick.

Jaime said...

Thanks for the tips. I think I will do that with my cucumbers. This is my first garden so I'm sure much of it will be a learning experience. I have to get more cages for my tomatoes anyway!

Yes, I bought everything I possibly could in plants. I planted carrots, lettuce, corn, and sugar snap peas with seeds. I can't really see how they would produce much!