Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abigail Report

Well, here is what is going on with the girl.

I stayed home with her yesterday. She had a mild fever return after her morning nap and stayed with her until bedtime. I took her to have a chiropractic adjustment at 4:00 pm and the chiropractor confirmed that she had some sort of a virus. She could tell by her swollen lymph nodes, which I also felt (so sad).

Her temp was just at 100 when I put her to bed and that was the highest it had been all day. She had a hard time falling asleep (I was out getting my hair cut and grocery shopping) so I finally got her put down at 9:00 pm when I returned.

She did wake once in the night. It was at 2:15 am and I was very nervous that I would go in there to find her vomiting with a high fever but . . . she was fine. I couldn't find anything wrong with her, except she had lost her pacifier (it was on the ground). Her temp was normal, no dirty or wet diaper, and she was happy as could be to have me in there. She fell back asleep easily with her paci in her mouth. :)

Andrew stayed home with her today because she was running that low-grade one yesterday. He said the highest temperature reading of the day so far is 98.9, which is pretty good considering. I still think she's fighting something because she usually runs under normal. We'll see what the afternoon holds.

Andrew is making the most of his day. He finished the frame for our sidewalk this morning during Abigail's 2 1/2 hour nap (it's a one-nap day, I foresee) and he plans on pouring it this afternoon! I asked him if he plans to do that with the baby around and he said that he'd worry about that. So, I decided to keep my trap shut. I'll probably (finally) have a front sidewalk when I get home. Yeah!

We're also frantically trying to get a garden planted before we leave on our Kansas trip. So, I'm stopping to buy plants and seeds on my way home from work today. I'll have to get most of them in the ground tonight. I saw two lovely bunnies playing in our garden the other night (nothing is planted yet) so we're going to have to figure out how to keep them out.

That's all for now.

Sorry, this is very long! :)

I think I have figured out how to post video, so maybe I'll try to do that later.

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Susan said...

I have had some success with planting marigolds around the edge of the garden to keep rabbits out. They don't like the smell.