Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh what a night!

By the way, this may be fairly boring, etc, for all of you. But lately I've been learning about how highly valuable it is to have all this written down and my blog seems to be the only place I can remember to do it! So, feel free to skip this! :)

This will be short because I've got the girl on my lap here this morning. Wow, what a night we had. I woke up at midnight to her crying. I went into her room and she was in the middle of throwing up. I got her cleaned up and took her temp and it was at 104.2! So I called for Andrew (also to help me clean up). I was ready to take her to the emergency room but Andrew thought we ought to try Tylenol first. We gave her some Motrin but she couldn't keep that down. So we tried Tylenol and nursing, which worked (meaning she kept it down). She really wanted to nurse at lot so we kept at it for a while. It took her a while to fall back asleep but she finally did around 2:30 am. Her temp was way down by that point. I didn't think it was all the Tylenol's doing!

She woke at 6:15 am and was starving. Her temp was 98.1!!!! I brought her back to our bed and nursed her for a while (again, I've said, thank goodness we're still doing that). She was very drowsy and so we both laid down, fell asleep, and slept until 8:15 am.

Her temp is still normal this morning! I hope this is the end of all this sickness!

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