Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Timber and Heavy Equipment

Sorry these pictures are in reverse order. I can't figure out how to get blogger to load one beneath, instead of above. I'll work on that.
I took this picture at work on my way out to the mailbox. The driveway was covered with rain water! I've never seen it rain so hard for so long. It was only a slight drizzle here, which is why I chose this moment to go to the mailbox.

The heavy equipment in our lot, waiting out the rain!!

Dewey is watching and learning how to cut up a tree from Wayne and Andrew.

Unfortunately, this was our favorite tree in the yard. It was just too close to the house site. We'll enjoy the firewood.

Our neighbor volunteered to help us cut down the tree. So . . . we let him!!


Melanie Lightner said...

Whoa, i just caught up on all your house stuff...EXCITING!!!!! How fun, yay for your guys. Miss you both!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some great neighbors! What a blessing!