Monday, June 12, 2006


Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been wanting to create a nice post about my Grandpa but our laptop is on hold for the time being. The power cord went bad so there is no battery to speak of. We have one ordered but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll update again soon! Until then my search continues for the Sandi Patty songbook, Hymns Just for You. My mom has a copy but it is now out of print and I want one for myself. I even called the publisher! Nobody has one!


Anonymous said...

did you look on e-bay? Nick was just looking for some things on there and I was surprised how much there is... if you find one will you play and sing them all for me? I love sandi patti!

Jaime said...

I did find one, and only one, on Ebay! Thanks for the tip. Umm, I probably can't play them but I can sing them. This collection of songs are fun to sing, we should have a sing-along sometime.