Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My most painful day!

So, my plan was to sleep in this morning so I could drive most of the night on our way to Kansas. I did sleep in and got up about 9:00 a.m. As I headed downstairs with Andrew's cousin my foot twisted on the very last step of the stairs. I have never really had blinding pain like that before. The whole left foot completely twisted to one side and I heard several big cracks and pops. Luckily I was able to set Andrew's cousin down before I fell over. The pain was so intense I can't even describe it. I realized that I was screaming but I couldn't really help it. After Andrew's family helped me up and got me whatever my hearts desire was . . . the utter humiliation set in. That was the worst part of the day!! I am so embarrassed that this happened around other people and I am embarrassed that I screamed, but like I said it was like I couldn't stop it. I realized once that I was screaming and so I stopped but then the pain got worse. Andrew tells me it is nothing to worry about. I decided to go and have it x-ray'd because of the popping. It wasn't broken. I was embarrassed that I had to be wheeled around the Liberty Urgent Care! Anyway, I was able to figure out a way to hobble around and I have a pretty badly sprained ankle. That will be enjoyable in Kansas, right?! So, that was my adventure. I must say that I was waited on hand and foot by Andrew's wonderful loving family (aunt and uncles from both sides of the family), and Andrew's grandma took me to Urgent Care (and wheeled me around). Anyway, I must go. We still have packing to do for our trip.


Anonymous said...

I have sprained my ankle numerous times and even broken it falling down the stairs....you can't describe the pain unles you have experienced it...I'm glad you're able to hobble around and made it to the party tonight.

Ben said...

Jaime! How long are you going to be in Kansas and why are you coming? I will be coming into town on the 2nd. Talk to you later.

Jaime said...

We are visiting my parents in St. John from Thursday (the 28th) to the 1st. Andrew has to work again on the 2nd so we are driving on Sunday. We will be stopping in Sterling but just to pick up stuff from our house. We are sad not to get to see our Sterling friends. Maybe next time.