Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A little of this and a little of that!

Ok, I had too many ideas to have a post just about one thing, so I decided to just write down lots of things that are going on and that are on my mind.

First of all, the things I am currently missing: One of my favorite things about Sterling was the fun that we all could have together while not working. I loved having Christmas parties (yes, bringing my punch bowl) and going to Christmas parties, and just lots and lots of parties, girl parties, anytime parties, etc. So, I miss going to parties. I know we have only been here two weeks but I don't forsee any Christmas parties on our horizon and I don't have many girls (yet) to hang out with and have parties. Just one party would be nice! :( I wish I could join my former co-workers for their Christmas party which is this Thursday. I will be thinking of them on that day and will be rather sad. However, on Thursday:

I will be driving to Chicago to see Jenny if the weather forecast is good. It is so nice to be fairly close that I can drive it by myself. Andrew thinks it will take five hours and Jenny things a bit longer so I will have to time it. I already checked out my book on tape from the library this afternoon so that I won't be too bored! :) I am looking forward to my second visit to the windy city and hopefully more will follow in the future. I wanted to get a visit in before I potentially start my job. Speaking of my job:

I have a meeting Thursday at 1:00 p.m. with two of my interviewers to discuss more details about the job. I am leaving for Chicago after that meeting. I hope it goes well and that things work out. That is definitely the type of job I have been looking for. Well, I'd best be off to bed. Lots of reading to do before I fall asleep! It has been amazing how much more reading I have been doing since we don't have cable hook up in our room here (we did in Sterling). It has been great!


Melanie said...

Hey Jaime,

We'll miss you on Thursday too, though it sounds like you have fun plans to keep you occupied. As much as you enjoyed fun parties, I enjoyed having you there! So, know that we'll be thinking of you guys and wishing you were with us.

Jaime said...

Your note brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure any party will beat the girls spa party we had with natural ingredients. My sister-in-law would like that! Will you email me those recipes when you have time? Ha, like you ever have time! :)