Friday, July 15, 2005

Without Harvest

My summers don't consist of harvest anymore. My summers don't feel like summers anymore either. I think both things are connected. Sure, I see farmers harvesting but it just isn't quite the same. Many of my summertime memories consist of riding the combine with Grandpa or Dad and they would graciously let us listen to our Adventures in Odyssey cassette tapes. This was before or after we would swim in the horse tank. I remember the heat of the summer day and the smell of the grain while riding the combine. I also remember Grandpa getting handfuls of wheat from the bin for us to "chew" like gum. Grandpa and Dad would share their suppers with me. Harvest suppers are always the best. You may think that sandwiches and tea are good but they are never as good as when you are eating them on a combine or truck. I don't know why that is! I also would get to ride along in the grain trucks to take the wheat to the elevator. I always liked that as well because it was fun to see the grain being dumped out of the trucks.

Now each part of my year just feels the same. There aren't calves being born in the winter or wheat harvest in the summer, or corn harvest in September. In many ways I miss farm life, I don't miss the struggle of it and the fear that is brought by hail, tornadoes, heavy rain, and storms in general. The good memories of my children farm life will always stay with me. Life is definitely different now that harvest isn't in my life.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, Jaime! Enjoyed reading your thoughts about growing up on the farm. Your dad and grandpa will appreciate reading it, too. You should have come home during harvest and ridden the combine for old time's sake! There's still corn harvest. Mom

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, Jaime. You should save this for your children to read sometime.
Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime, I wrote down answers to your questions this morning and now will put them on paper here. #1 My favorite t.v. show is Bill O'Reilly , #2.For breakfast a didn't have my usual egg and toast but had a cinnamon roll instead and 3 coffees. #4. I am so blessed to have gotten to live here at Snug Harbor Farm these 36 years.#5. I would like to teach little children and did do that as Sun.School teacher for 25 years. #6. My favorite thing about me is wanting to work hard and do the next thing needing done.#7. Least favorite thing is I beleive everything anybody tells me and can't tell if I am being fooled. #8. My favorite celebrity is Rev. Billy Graham and he helps leads many to Christ and helps us figure out my purpose in living.#9. My ideal vacation would be probobly near the ocean and one that I could afford. #10. I am just finishing "Meeting God at Every Turn) by Catherine Marsahll. I have two other books I am working on to plus the Sunday School Book on Evangelism so not enough time. I will be praying for all your tooth work. I have had three root canals and they didn't hurt but had to keep my mouth open a long time. Also have had so many times I felt like I had lost weight and than those scales old me I had gained! Take care. Love, Grandma Myers