Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks and Time for More Decisions

I just want to say thanks to all the people who comment on my blog. It really brightens my day when I check and I see one more comment on the page, so thanks!

Whew! Now, on to the decisions. Ok, here is the whole story. The other day Andrew was searching on the internet and found a company in downtown Cincinnati looking for a webmaster. He sent his resume. They emailed him and asked for a phone interview so he set the time for Thursday at 1 p.m. Then on Wednesday of this week, while at work, I received a call on my cell phone. It was a lady from Citigroup, a financial corporation, actually the largest corporation in the world. She said that someone had recommended me for a position with them. She was wondering if I was interested. I told her that I was happy where I was at, unless we were to relocate to Ohio and then I would need to be finding a job. She said that was no problem, since they were a global company, she was sure she could get me a position there as well (the offices are in Sharonville). Anyway, she asked if she could come by for a preliminary interview on Thursday after work. So, Thursday became the day for interviews.

Andrew said his interview went very well. Several things were very attractive about the job but the main thing was that it was a small business, only about fifteen people, and he liked the job description. So the person who interviewed him said that he would give him a call if they were interested in a second interview, possibly in person.

So, then I had my interview about 5:30. The lady came by our house. The interview went very well. She said that I seemed like the kind of person they were looking for and that she was interested in continuing the process, if I was. I just wanted to find out more about what I would be doing and such. So we are both going to an informational meeting next Thursday in Wichita. There were a lot of attractive things that she said about the company: The pay, the flexible hours, the possibility for advancement in the company, the success of the company. So, anyway, here we are at the crossroads again. We will probably have a week or so to wait before we know any further but I tend to be one to think ahead and plan ahead and here are a few things that we are thinking.

1) I could take this job now and commute to Wichita part-time and leave my current job. I would be making almost twice as much money but I wouldn't be working with friends and at my alma mater.
2) We could just wait to hear back from Andrew's company and if they want to hire him then I could simply take a job with them in Ohio and not start the training here.
3) Or wait for a church job to come along.

Anyway, I realize many of these things are very premature but I like to think ahead and ponder every possibility. Well, that is the latest news in our lives! We will let you know if we hear anything more.


Todd said...

WOW!! That sure brightensyour day. This makes your prayers, and ours, a little different.

Amy said...

There is much to say abou this post. Before you take a job commuting, be sure to weigh the opportunity cost, that is what you will be giving up to have the job. This isn't just your friends and alma mater. There will be time on the road, extra gas, and you'll have spend time learning all the processes of the new job.

This isn't to say I wouldn't do it. I think there could be a lot of advantages to taking the part-time job in Wichita. For instance, the pay would be better, you would meet new people, and you would set yourself up for an easy(ier) transition if/when you move to Ohio and maybe even a promotion with a company you already have a lot of knowledge about.

All that said, if your heart's desire is to work for a church, then that's what you should do. And, if that's what you choose the right position will come around.

Also, if you talk to the woman from Citigroup again, I think I would give her the hypothetical, what if my husband gets this job, would it be easy to be transferred after only a short time at the company.

Ok, enough career advice for now. Let me know if you need more. Not that you asked for this.