Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Planning Ahead

I have started reading a very interesting book. It is called "Healthy Parents, Better Babies." Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, no I am not pregnant and we aren't planning it for a while. However, I have recently heard quite a bit about Preconception plans (some take years)and how much they will greatly improve the health of children, mainly because many women don't realize the first few weeks they are pregnant (not to mention how much it will improve our health as well). So I decided to look into it. This book is packed full of very good information for both "prospective" parents. I am only on the first section. It is all about vitamins and minerals and what each one does for development and how much you need and how much is too much. Very interesting. One of the main things the book stresses is that it is important to cut out white flour and white sugar out of the diet, so I am going to try. These things seriously take away the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients. Anyway, just some new information I am learning. Also, zinc is very important. Well, that is my new interesting fact. So I guess I am starting on this plan by cutting out or trying to cut out white sugar and white flour. So I am eating whole grains and things with natural sugar (honey, fruit, etc). We'll see if I can stick with it.


Todd said...

Do you realize what kind of a diet you be on, staying away from white flour and sugar? I have a great simile there, but won't put it in writing.

Anonymous said...

i was just talking to a friend yesterday who was at the dr. for her 1 year physical... clean bill of health and the dr. told her to eat natural foods (no, not that silly wholefoods stuff) but stuff like real butter and real sugers... not the artificial sweeteners, etc. The dr. said this is what is causing the real health issues... all the artificial everythings in foods these days... the dr. said the healthiest people are the farm kids who grew up on moderate amounds of real butter and suger! go FARM KIDS! ;p