Friday, January 07, 2011

Santa Clause

So Christmas is over but thoughts of Santa are still around. We are not a family who "does" Santa. I have no problems with good ole' St. Nick (the real guy) but I do have a problem when a fictional guy is the main focus of the season - over the miraculous birth of our Savior - when the fictional guy takes claim for all the expensive gifts my child gets - instead of using it as an opportunity for my child to express appreciation to the appropriate real-life people - and several other issues.

I don't want to be a stick-in-the-mud, I really don't. I don't want to ruin it for anyone and I will tell my children about St. Nick and his story. However, we won't do the traditional "Santa" deal.

So far we've just been able to ignore it. Abigail didn't know about it, we didn't talk about, we don't have Santa figures in our house so . . . no problem.

Then . . . today . . . out-of-the-blue my daughter was "reading" her Bible (which is her new obsession - yeah!) and she said to me, "Mama, this book is about Santa".

Whoa! Wait just a second. I tried, I think successfully, not to act shocked.

I said, "Oh really? I think it is mainly about Jesus. Remember baby Jesus who just had a birthday?"

My daughter answered, "Oh yeah."

Me: "Where did you hear about Santa?"

She said: "Mama, we saw Santa at the horse parade."

That was at the beginning of December. My girl is growing up and starting to really pay attention!

The matter was dropped and she went on to "read" her Bible and talk all about God, etc.

We might be talking about Santa sooner than I thought!


Andrew said...

Plus, I may have told her that Santa was born in a manger and received gifts from 3 wise elves...I can't remember exactly.

Jaime said...

Sure . . . i don't believe that for a second, although you make me laugh.

You were the one who originally said no Santa on Christmas morning her very first Christmas. I remember clearly!! :)

We always pretended that Santa brought the stockings. Maybe we could do that.

Susan said...

I promise I never mentioned Santa once. She didn't seem to pay a bit of attention when Santa drove by in his sleigh...Andrew believed in Santa until he was about 12 so I don't know what happened to him!