Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blessed Season!

Wow. Again . . . didn't meant to take a break in blogging. It just happened. The reason . . . it's been a whirlwind two weeks at our house.

On the 20th we found out were are having a boy! Then laundry, cleaning, packing, and early at 6 am on the 22nd we headed to my family Christmas in Kansas.

The trip didn't start out so well, with Abigail vomiting twice before we got to the Ohio border, but she felt better after that and the rest of the trip was decently uneventful.

We had a lovely time in Kansas and it was made even more special because all of the little babies got to be together. Abigail and Elsie had fun playing with cousins Alex and Isaac. Just wish we could all get together more often.

We headed home on December 27th but decided to break this trip up into two days so we arrived home on the 28th. The last two nights of our journey were especially hard. I think we got 3 to 4 hours of sleep each night. Abigail was getting a cold and Elsie just had realized we were all in the same room. Never has our home and own beds felt so good to me, despite missing our loving family. Both girls slept like well, I guess "babies" in in their own beds!

Then the next two days I took advantage of Andrew being off work and fit in two doctor's appointment, grocery shopping, running errands, etc. I felt like I didn't sit down for a minute. Repacking was also a priority because. . .

On Friday morning we got up and left for Columbus to attend Andrew's cousin's wedding. Abigail was chosen to be a flower girl for the wedding. I was a nervous Nelly with all the "special" stuff I had to remember to bring for her but we got it all done.

She only made it down 1/2 of the aisle before realizing that I wasn't coming with her and there were lots of people watching her. :) She stalled and started to get a little emotional before her daddy came to the rescue. Oh well, she's only 2!!

The wedding was beautiful. Andrew and I both really appreciated the choir they had and their beautiful church. Made me think that I might shrivel up and die if I don't find somewhere to sing soon but I'll just be content to sing "Mary had a little lamb" for the time being. Andrew said he felt the same way . . . some day.

The reception was also fun. We checked out about 6 pm to get our tired girls home. When I say tired, I mean I have never seen Abigail so moody or out-of-sorts before. Lots of excitement and not a very good nap makes one cranky girl. She's much better today.

So . . . there are pictures and video from all these happenings. After laundry, bills, and some cleaning I'll get around to uploading them and putting them on here.

Happy New Year!!!

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