Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Goals

Being that I'm using my body to grow a baby this year, I'm trying to make my goals easily attainable. Here they are:

Goals for 2011:
Read the one verse a day calendar - everyday.
Spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted time each day with children.
Accomplish monthly goal.
Have healthy baby.
Lose 15 pounds after baby is born (more if possible).
Go through entire character traits and manners with children.

Let me explain the monthly goal thing. . . Our house is no where near complete. There are many things, however, that I can do on my own without bothering Andrew. I'm the kind of person who likes to dive in head first and work hard at something. I have realized since becoming a mother, however, that if I start a house project and get interrupted by the demands of a little one, it makes me frustrated. My main job is to be a mother (and cook, maid, launderer, etc) so I can't let these little projects get in the way of that.

So . . .

I'm starting small.

I'm just picking one very small project for each month (except I will possibly skip May, June, July, etc - you get the picture) and have Andrew and I work together on a few things. That way I will have 30 days, give or take, to get something done and I will hopefully, not be bothered in the least bit by interruptions.

I may wait until the start of each month to decide on a project. We'll see.

January's project is to finish sanding, touch-up painting, and putting pulls on our drawers in our room. It's a project that should only really take an hour or two at best. I can do the sanding and painting part. :)

Welcome 2011!!

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