Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Sorry, in advance, that this blog may be a bit full of ranting. I can't stand people who think they run an institution when they don't! Actually, truth be told I can stand them but I don't want to. I get calls from a certain person, who will remain nameless, at work who constantly is condesending and blames me and my office for things on this campus that are completely beyond our control. I am simply a lowly office manager, I can not set which holiday's we get off and which we don't. Argh! This person isn't even an administrator yet constantly goes over people's heads to do some shady business. We are losing students. I absolutely love my alma mater and so when someone messes with us then I just get a bit testy! Anyway, I am ready to go home.

I start two new voice students tonight so that brings my grand total up to three. I think my limit will be five students but I am satisfied with three. These girls were referred to me by the high school music teacher here so that is a good feeling! I am a bit nervous on the first lesson.

I went shopping this past weekend with Andrew. The first time for new clothes for us since September. We have been trying to really watch what we spend. I really didn't get that much but what I got goes well with everything. The plan is the lose weight so I can fit into those old clothes I saved and then it will be like I have a whole new wardrobe!

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