Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ahh, Grains and Cookies!

Well, the grain fast was a little more challenging than what I thought it would be. I didn't have a difficult time at supper. We had a small party at our house for the Communications/Marketing office at Sterling and we had Kabobs. So, therefore, lots of great meat and veggies. The only thing I couldn't have was the garlic bread sticks even though Andrew attempted to tempt me with them a few times. Quite yummy. I am looking forward to the left overs.

Today my world will consist of making cookies. My former boss is retiring from Sterling College and there is a reception for her tomorrow. I volunteered to make cookies for it. No specific amount was given, however, the lady putting it on was so worried that there would be enough. I found three yummy recipes and doubled them. In total, I mixed up about 20 dozen cookies last night and I am baking them today. It's ok . . . really, I am in the mood to bake cookies and I am glad that they won't be at our house for very long, so I won't eat them.

My voice student is also singing in a program tonight so I am going to go and watch her perform. She will do a great job, I'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Making cookies seems like too much temptation during a grain fast! What willpower, I applaud your efforts!...Susan