Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Apologizing

Abigail being pushed in her car by Daddy.

I feel like apologizing for not posting - or not being interesting - or something.

But in all honesty . . . the reason for that is because I'm spending my time

- Reading to my children.

- Cleaning my house (I got ALL the laundry done by the time Andrew got home today - wooo!).

- Gardening.

- Cooking.

- Working.

All things that I am hoping are a blessing to my family.
We had a good, yet interesting, weekend.
Here is a very brief synopsis of the interesting part:
On our way home from a lovely dinner out with Andrew's parents, we came across what looked like a car accident. We found out later that it was actually a guy who had been standing by his broken down vehicle and was hit by a drunk driver. Anyway, we were essentially the first people to happen upon the scene so Andrew stopped and tried to help the guy who had been hit (and the guy who hit him was also there). To make a long story a bit shorter, the man ended up dying at the hospital. Such a sad thing. I was proud of my husband for helping, even though there was nothing that could be done.
Father's Day was good and uneventful. I made breakfast. . . we went to church . . . we had lunch with family. . . we came home for naptime . . . we went swimming . . . the end.

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Kim said...

You ARE doing the important things for your family. Blessings to you and yours.