Thursday, June 10, 2010

Abigail Ice Skates

Abigail has a book over at her Nana and Papa's house by that title (Abigail Ice Skates) and it is so true these days!

The child is obessed with ice skating. She loves to do it. She loves to talk about it. She loves to watch videos of it (especially the one where her Aunt Jennie's skirt falls off - not sure what the says about Abigail).

Anyway, we've been ice skating twice in the last two weeks. That's pretty good for a 2-year-old.

We're so fortunate that Abigail has an aunt who is an ice skating instructor because I certainly do not have the skills to take a wobbly 2-year-old out on the ice.

Here is a video (or two - we'll see what I can get loaded) for you viewing pleasure).


Kayla and Donnie said...

haha, can post the video where Jennie's skirt falls off??? (not sure what that says about me!)

Jaime said...

I don't have it but I'm pretty sure Susan posted it on her facebook account.