Tuesday, June 08, 2010

7 months

I don't mean to be taking blogging breaks! I recently took a mostly work-from-home part-time job and it seems that instead of blogging during nap time, I am working! It's good. I am so thankful for the opportunty to do this job. Every time that I am doing some work and then can just get up and go take care of my kids, I feel so thankful!

Anyway, my sweet darling, Elsie, is 7 months old today.

Just because she's 2nd born doesn't mean that her mommy doesn't celebrate the milestones!

This may come out wrong but I think all of you moms will know what I mean.

I'm having such a love-affair with this child. It's not that she's never a challenge or that I didn't/don't love my 1st born the same.

But . . . I'm just so much more relaxed with #2 and I identify with her (being a middle child myself) so I feel like we're sticking together!

I love it when she just can't quite fall asleep and I go into her room and rock her a little bit. The overwhelming feeling of sweet love when I'm snuggling with her cannot be beat! I would have never done this with Abigail - for fear of spoiling her sleeping - but with Elsie, I just don't care! :)

It's true what they say about love multiplying (not dividing) when you have more than one child.

Happy 7-month birthday to my sweet girl.


Andrew said...

Just wanted to point out that you referred to Elsie as the middle child, comparing her to yourself. This implies the elusive third child that we haven't agreed on yet. :)

Jaime said...

I figured that #3 was a given since I'm undecided (leaning towards not having one) and you're 100% sold on the idea. I've always just given into what you want. :)