Thursday, June 17, 2010

Already Friday

How can it already be Friday and I haven't posted yet?! Crazy! This whole work and try to do everything else thing is really taking away from my internet time! ha! That's okay though.

My kids are staying up later these days so that cuts into things too but you know what . . . I'd rather spend time with them!

Abigail has been very "2" this week. "Shepherding" (a.k.a. parenting) has been the name of the game for me. Thankfully she responds very well to time-outs. Tonight she was cranky at Nana's house and she even said "I sit by self" meaning she needed to go sit on the naughty step for a while. She went and two minutes later I went to talk to her and she was in a much better mood. Amazing!

I have been doing the usual the rest of the time. My time is spent in this order (usually):

Parenting - spending time with family
Cleaning dishes
and finally . . . cleaning.

Oops! I hear a teary girl coming my way so I'd best go.

Hopefully some exciting pictures and video coming soon!


Susan said...

I also liked how she was even speaking in a positive voice after she got up from the step.

Kim said...

Just wanted you to know I visited your blog. I'll be back. I know it seems like your kids will be little forever right now, but it goes quickly! I know I sound old, but I can't believe my babies have flown the nest. Enjoy them! I have enjoyed every stage, including moving into adult relationships with my kids.

Jaime said...

@Kim. Thanks for coming by! I have to remind myself everyday that someday I'm going to miss this stage so I need to enjoy it while I can.