Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Photos

I love putting pictures on my blog. I truly do. It really inspires me to blog and reminds me what I have to blog about (like Andrew's Fajitas that I have had pictures of for a month) but I find blogger very difficult to load pictures onto.

Anyone have any suggestions? It takes forever and you can only load one at a time. Perhaps there is a better way and I don't know about it.

Any comments would be appreciated!

For now you'll just have this post while I work on loading the tons of pictures I took Andrew was making the recipe.


Andrew said...

Isn't there some way to connect Blogger to a Flickr account? I believe Flickr provides some mass upload options.

Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I am subscribed to flicker and you can upload huge files without downsizing, there isn't a limit and you can organize them. but with that said, i did just fine with the limits for a year. you will always have the pictures but after 200 you can see them on FLICKR anymore (you can still see them on your blog) and that bugged me.

Jaime said...

Thanks! Perhaps i'll try flicker. Just don't like the learning curve on new things!

Jennifer said...

You can load up to 5 photos at a time on blogger...just click on "add another image". I don't have to resize mine either (I have large selected as the size for blogger). It takes a bit of time depending on my connection (as in maybe a minute or two).

Kim said...

Well, I learned something new today. I didn't realize you could add more than one photo at a time. I see how to do it, and I attempted it. I just can't do it on my internet connection in the boonies! Hope you have better luck.