Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What was I thinking?

When I look back at my decision to audition for May Festival in January, I ask myself . . . what was I thinking? My motivation for that decision was not a good one and it was way to hasty. I simply wanted to see if I was "good enough" to make it in there. Obviously that was a very vain thing to do. However, I have enjoyed the experience. I have enjoyed singing the music and it is good to know that the choir is there. I am hoping that in several years, Andrew and I could join it together. For right now, I dread thinking about going down there for rehearsals and I dread thinking about the two weeks in May when I am going to have to practically live down there. It is just frustrating to me to think that I am going to spend about 4.5 hours of my day on May Festival stuff today when I really want to be, playing outside with my puppy, working on Sunday School, getting more involved in my church, maybe volunteering in their Wednesday night program, spending time with my husband, working on stuff needed for our house, planning my voice lessons and getting ready for students, and maybe even making some friends. My heart it not in it because of the type of organization that it is and that make me sad that I am spending my time there.

One final note: Even though I consider myself one (in a vague way) and many of my friends are musicians I just have to say . . . many times, I just don't like musicians. They can be terribly snotty and know-it-all's. If they would really listen, the note that is incorrect is coming out of their mouth. That is why I say, I enjoy the music and the experience but all the criticism . . . I could do without!

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