Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poor baby boy

I've meant to post about Easter and I still will but my energies are focused on my poor boy. For a few days now he has been cranky, not sleeping well, clingy. Then last night he felt hot. His temp was still "normal" but he did end up throwing up once.

He spent several hours up at night. Today . . . more cranky baby except when hopped up on motrin. Tonight a 99 to 100 degree temp. Not high but first time he has had a fever. Won't take a paci and his nap drooling could put a grown man to shame.

I think it is teeth. Well I know he is getting them, molars that is. I can see some little points through and red irritated gums where they are not through yet. But I am not sure all these symptoms are just teeth. If they are then wow! He may have a bug but doesn't really have other symptoms (cough/cold). Only time will tell.

Off to snuggle my sweet babe!

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