Sunday, April 01, 2012

I'm here

I'm here. I really am. My trip went great. Noah was a dream baby on that trip.

Life just got busy once I got back. My husband had a Home and Garden Show for his new business last weekend (which meant me alone with all kids, all day). I spent every waking moment last week chasing a baby up the stairs because he loves to crawl up them. I also tried to deep clean a lot of the house, which I did accomplish. . . except with kids the play in a room for 5 minutes and it looks trashed, except . . . well, maybe clean underneath all the toys. Ugh!

During the next two weeks I've undertaken some cooking projects for a large family nearby so I also may not blog much. I love to cook and bake and this is a good reason to do it. I just have to plan ahead and make sure I don't leave everything for the last minute, which is thankfully a strength of mine. :)

So, perhaps I'll get a chance to post from my phone now and then and hopefully I'll find time to do a recap of my trip to Kansas. It was FUN!!! :)

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