Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Family's Home and Property Damaged

Well, last night my family had a little excitement and not the good kind of excitement. They live in central Kansas (so far away from me!). Here is the story from my point of view and perhaps others or more will come later.

I had heard reports that there could be severe tornado outbreaks on Saturday of this past weekend, April 14. I had emailed my parents (mostly jokingly) a few days ago and said they should just take a roadtrip (with Grandma of course) and come see us and just avoid the area completely. They declined. :)

So I was watching the weather in Kansas (online . . . usually Weather Channel). Noah woke up around 10:30 pm and I checked the radar then. I noticed a very strong line headed right towards my hometown but I was praying it would veer off and not hit my parents. I saw the tornado warning online so around 10:50 pm I texted my dad and asked him if they'd been missed by the latest storm.

His response was "Got us". Well, I at least knew he was alive but beyond that I had no idea. Thankfully my mom called a few minutes later.

Her report was not good. They were all safe, thankfully, but all the farm buildings, except their house had been destroyed and my grandma's house (a 1/2 mile away) had been severely damaged as well. I couldn't believe it.

I turned to Facebook for the rest of my news and a family friend that lives up the road kept me updated most of the rest of the night as to what else was happening with my family.

That is still all I know for now. I was able to talk to my Grandma today. She told me a few more details of her experience and didn't really seem shaken by the fact she no longer had a house. Perhaps that will come. I also talked to my mom and she just said they had a lot of volunteers and progress had been made at cleaning up.

I'm still in shock. I really wish I was there to help but that is not really possible. So I'm praying and waiting to hear of anything I can do to help!

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