Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

My baby seems to be feeling slightly better today so I'm going to get some Easter pictures posted. He didn't have a fever when he woke and all morning. He is still biting (ouch!) but hopefully the pain won't bring him down as much as it has been.

Anyway, we had a wonderful Easter!! I, once again, had our whole family match on Easter Sunday. I figure that as long as my husband is willing to participate, I should do it while I can because I know my kids are going to grow out of it. The theme this year was white and navy. My outfit was the trickiest and I think I looked a little weird with my tunic top (which Andrew said looked like a nightgown) my capri tights, my white shoes that were missing a sparkly butterfly on one shoe, and my "old lady" belt (also an Andrew quote). Oh well, I matched and it wasn't too bad I don't think.

Here are some pictures we took on Andrew's Grandma's front porch. The first few were good, the kids weren't tired yet, but unfortunately we had a sunburst in the camera lens. We take these via remote on Andrew's camera so there wasn't anyone behind the camera, actually! Pretty good, right?!

I love this first one! Elsie makes me smile and Abigail shivering is cute!!

Distracted Elsie.

Abigail wasn't listening at this point and I stopped to correct her which led to some pouting. She eventually warmed up again.

With Andrew's parents and sister. Abigail was hiding!!

The very crowded kitchen lunch buffet! It was all delicious!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Abigail really got into it this year, which was fun!

She loved opening up the eggs to find candy and money. She got to keep the money! Ha! :)

More Easter Egg Hunting.

We didn't last much beyond the hunt. Our little ones were ready for a nap quite a while before this so we headed home for everyone to rest. Fun and simple day! I didn't get any picture of the Easter baskets this year but we did give the girls a few things including coloring books, little purses, and some other small toys. They loved it!

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