Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday and what a good Friday it is! We've had a wonderful, relaxed, and very productive week!! We just mainly relaxed around here but we tried to do a lot of learning activities. It has really paid off with Elsie. We've been concerned about her speech for some time but with all the extra time we've spent with her this week she is making great progress. The picture below is of some red cups that Noah started playing with in the kitchen. Elsie caught on and then I got the grand idea to use them to help her learn to count. She can now say "one, two, three (free), four, and five (fi)". Pretty cute!

Abigail continues to struggle with some sensory things. She will not sit at the table if there are crumbs (even if she created the crumbs) so I'm busy wiping off the table all day long. She also will not touch her food with her hands unless it is supposed to be finger food, like hamburgers, and then even reluctantly. I bought some finger paints recently and we went to town on that one day.

She got crazy with it. So crazy that she even ended up painting her body. I was pretty thrilled that she was so into it so I didn't mind! I did end up giving her and Elsie a bath after that. I tried to help Elsie finger paint but the paint went directly into her mouth constantly so she ended up coloring and doing stickers which she seemed fine with that activity.

Abigail has also been dressing herself recently. A big breakthrough this week when she voluntarily chose to wear these jeans. Granted they have an adjustable waist and are pretty soft material and are capris. Still, I thought she did great, looked cute and too grown up!

Just in the nick of time, Andrew figured out a good solution to keep Noah from climbing the stairs all day long. I was afraid of putting something heavy there, like a step stool, or even a basket. I didn't want him pulling on that and pulling it onto himself but we've been putting the girls' little Dora couch on the stairs and he doesn't bother it. If one of the girls moves it, he is lickety-split up the stairs! This came just in time because I signed up to take a big family in our area a meal this week and it has taken some planning and organization and prep work but I finished it tonight.

I feel like we've gotten so much accomplished this week and have been able to stick to a very nice routine. I love the Easter season and particularly the day itself, of course. Not only do I like spring but I love to celebrate the reason for the holiday, that Jesus came and died for our sins and came back to life! I've been explaining this to Abigail, which is difficult for a four year old to understand, I think, but at least she is hearing it!

Happy Easter!

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