Thursday, January 26, 2012


We've been passing around colds in our family. It seems that any little thing like this put me right back into survival mode!

I did manage to make a batch of banana bread loaves this morning but that's the first cooking that I've done all week.

I have got to find something to make for dinner tonight!

Someday they'll all be gone and I'll be able to enjoy being sick alone. (Really, enjoy it, folks with no little kids. Being able to lay down on the couch and sleep?! Amazing). For now I'm plugging along.


Jennifer said...

I hate having sickies!! Isaac has had a nasty cough the ENTIRE month! And he's pulling on his ears and all FOUR molars are coming in at once. Fun times! Then Anna woke up this morning saying her ear really hurt and started coughing and all stuffy. (Aaron started getting a head cold yesterday) Off to the dr we went and nothing but low-grade fevers and fluid in the ears. Ugh. My least favorite time of the year!!

Jaime said...

Good to know that it's not just me!