Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love Note Books

I don't remember where I got this idea. Whether I came up with it or I happened to glace at a blog or website and think of it is a mystery. I had the idea to create each one of my children a 'love notes' book.

I have been wanting to order these books for some time and since I had a little Christmas money to play around with I went ahead and ordered these.

I have written lots of notes to my kids on my blog and will continue to do so but they are scattered throughout other random rumblings and ramblings that my kids may not want to read through some day. Each book has a picture of me and each child and each one says Dear (Insert Name) Love, Mommy. I hope to fill them with notes to my precious kiddos on special occasions, like birthdays, church events, firsts, and so on, but I also hope to find the time to just sit down and jot notes to them on regular everyday kind of days to encourage them when they get older.

One day (one sad sad day) when my children leave home or get married - whenever I deem appropriate - I will give them this book to take with them so they will always have a physical reminder of my love with them.

After I had ordered the books, I saw a similar idea from a dad here: if anyone is interested in that wonderful idea as well.

So . . . I'm going to get busy writing my letters!

P.S. I created and ordered these books from but found many interesting websites that offered a wide variety of books. I wanted something hardcover but customizable. I'm very happy with them!!

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