Monday, April 14, 2008

Less than a week

So, I can't stay away from blogging! It has been less than a week and I don't feel particularly creative yet but we had a fun filled weekend that I want to post about. We have lots of fun pictures to post. First of all we had a lovely visit from a Haspels and a Lightner (good friends from Kansas) on Friday night. It was great fun to see them and have a chance to catch up. Of course, they received the Schechter family welcome of having photos taken with Abigail in our studio, so I will post those. It was so good to see you Melanie and Jodi!! :)

Friday night, Abigail decided to go through a growth spurt (we think) and wake up four times to eat! Whew! Then on Saturday night, 3 times to eat! However exhausting that was, I am thankful to have such a thoughful daughter who only has gone through growth spurts on weekends, because she knows her mama works (gets up at 6am) and needs to sleep! :) She only woke up one time last night.

On Saturday Andrew took some wonderful pictures of Abigail and me in his studio. I didn't get to spend as much time with Abigail this weekend as I wanted, because I had to run around and do tons of errands on Saturday (David's Bridal, Trader Joes, Grace Chapel (our church), Carters, and Target). Andrew took good care of Abigail and gave her a bottle so I would have time to do all of that. Hopefully next weekend we can just hang out and relax together more as a family without all the running around!

Then on Sunday, the usual, church and lunch at Grandma's house. In the evening hours we got together with our Bradley method class friends for a reunion. It was so much fun to see everyone's babies and to compare notes about breastfeeding, sleeping, rolling over, sitting up, etc!! It is so cute how the babies look like their parents! I guess that's what happens. Andrew forgot his camera, so we'll have to get some pictures from others. Abigail was so tired she slept in Andrew's arms for a while. She was revived by a short 15 minute nap and was pleasant the rest of the evening. It was a busy but fun weekend!

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