Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We've failed!!!!

Well, we did fail our driveway inspection today, because the inspector couldn't see through our culvert pipe, but he is allowing us to pass anyway on one condition. We have to write him a letter saying we'll fix it within two months (I already faxed the letter). Even though that pipe has worked for twenty years now, I am appreciative that the inspector is letting us get our Certificate anyway. He could have made us fix it before getting it! Yikes!

It now looks like I can probably pick it up tomorrow afternoon or sometime Thursday. The certificate will mainly allow us to roll over our construction loan into a permanent mortgage with a much lower interest rate. We're still plugging away at moving in, with mainly kitchen stuff at this point. We'll try to take pictures and post. Our computer is now at our new house without internet access, so it may be a week or so before new pictures arrive. We are getting the internet hooked up on Saturday.

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