Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I just called the county and found out that our certificate is going to be issued today at 1:00 pm! Yeah! Now, we are just figuring out who is going to go get it. I have been talking with the permanent mortgage guy and so hopefully we'll get stuff worked out tomorrow. We need to settle while the interest rates are low!

We're still having a few plumbing drainage problems. I called the plumbers and they won't be out until tomorrow, so the earliest we will live there would be Thursday night. I still need to find my pots and pans, so we can actually cook and eat.


P.S. I'm sort of ashamed to admit that my QVC diamonique ring came yesterday, and I LOVE it. Susan, I forgot to show you when you were at our house! Oh, and that dish soap smells so good, it's like being at a spa!! It was good that the kitchen sink water backed up into the bathtub, because then at least it was lavendar scented waste water! :)

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