Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some Pictures . . . Finally!

The porch lights that Andrew wired up tonight! They are small but shed a surprising amount of light!

The light above our front door (we'll probably shorten it a little more). The walls are painted Applesauce Cake! It's not completely done, but we got SO much done this weekend!

Our new lighting in the family room! Noticed the recessed lights. The walls don't really look this shade in real life. The next picture is a better representation of the color.

Our new IKEA light fixture in the living room. The walls are also painted Applesauce Cake.

The Kitchen. We left bare spots were the fridge and cabinets will go. I LOVE this color called Regal Red. The camera also had a dirty lens!

Anne helping us paint the walls in the dining room/kitchen.

Anne and Maggie paint.

Susan trimming and me touching up the ceiling (although the ceiling is still not done).

Susan painting the ceiling, yesterday. Sorry these picture go backwards in time!
Jennie painting the grey primer in the kitchen.

Our garage door! Sorry, I didn't get a picture with it closed yet.

Andrew installed our outside motion detection light.
We got so much painting done this weekend. I almost feel like we're ahead of schedule. We're hoping the HVAC can be finished this weekend, so we'll have heat in the house. We are also hoping to have our hardwood floors installed this week. I am going to attempt to do the tile work myself. I'm taking next Monday off, so hopefully I can do it then. I calculated that I spent about 17 1/2 hours painting this weekend. I'm ready for a shower and then bed!


amy said...

These look great! Can't wait until I can see the real thing!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Is this a new house that you bought? I love the colors you've picked out. We have a similar orangey color in our bedroom.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!